15 days without a seizure!

By rainkinz on Mar 01, 2012, comments 7

We're at day 17 of the Ketogenic diet and amazingly have had 15 days without a seizure. After a very tough first week and second week where Ngaire threw up a quite a bit and was generally very tired, she seems to have picked up a fair bit. She has just about the same energy she had before the diet, seems to be remembering more than she did previously and is generally happy.

We still have issues giving her the Depakote she has to have each day and I do feel like it now alters her mood a bit. Before we started the diet I think she was having so many seizures it was hard to judge her mood as she'd be up and down so much. Now she seems to be much more stable.

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Hey, sutlbe must be your middle name. Great post!