Another fast

By rainkinz on Jun 21, 2012, comments 6

We fasted Ngaire for 24 hours beginning Tuesday. It has seemed to have helped. This morning she had 4 small seizures at breakfast. Going in the right direction! She woke up pretty 'angry' though. I think because she woke up alone in our bed (I had gone to make her eggs for breakfast - which she of course didn't eat...). Took a bit to calm her down. Will be interesting to see how the day goes. She's at daycare right now. Good from a work perspective. Between doctors appointments, blood tests and just looking after her I've got a bit behind :-(

69eb61f0470c60f0c9db1ba86aa0c2dd.png?s=48& Lolo on Sep 11, 2015 at 9:14 PM

I love you Amy!! You are genuine joy and cttmenonent in the midst of trials is truly an inspiration. It reminds me of Paul in the book of Philippians talking about learning to be content in the midst of all situations that life may bring. My prayers continue to be over you and your sweet boy.