Back to the old normal

By rainkinz on Jun 13, 2012, comments 7

Sadly, Ngaire is continuing to have seizures. Mostly in the morning, about 8-10 daily that we see and now around 5-6 a night. When she sleeps her body is definitely twitching now and then which I think is a bad thing. We've gone back up to 125mg of Depakote in the morning and 250mg at night. We're trying to be patient and wait until Saturday to raise her morning dose back to 250mg. Even though she only had maybe 30mg in her blood when then last tested which is below therapeutic level (according to who I don't know). It was maybe helping. I guess we'll know if the seizures stop. I really hope they do. We've had to put back the pillow on the back of her chair so she doesn't bang her head when it flops back during a seizure.

Feeling very depressed and of course I'm sleeping terribly. It just doesn't get better than this :-(

B3ff7e60366755b8f2c5bb18cd63d5ba.png?s=48& Brittany on Oct 22, 2015 at 1:43 AM

Im am in the US, Nevada and we have no Epilepsy Center in state. I would really like help gtietng a dr. to help my TLE and mesial temporal sclerosis. Not much help here just tons of drugs, that don't mix well. Any help would be greatThanks