Keep on keeping on...

By rainkinz on Jun 27, 2012, comments 8

Ngaire is continuing to have quite a few seizures in the morning. We've tried switching to the brand name medicine the past 4 days which has possibly made it worse! We did a fast last week and had 1 day of seizure freedom on Friday, then sadly within a few minutes on Saturday morning she had 3 seizures, a great birthday present for me :-( We're pushing for trying Carnitine now as it was low in her most recent lab work and had been declining in previous lab work. Seems like the doctors don't think much of it, but on the keto newsgroup a lot of people believe it helps.

Be7b84e22b1024c6b9bb0595c43ea779.png?s=48& Cah on Oct 22, 2015 at 1:32 AM

Hey Seth,I'm really glad to hear that Grace is sezuire free. I think that you will see great things throughout the rest of the year, and this summer. Your family deserves the positives for a change.Keep up the good work on the website and with The RE Children's Project. Look forward to seeing you in Deer Valley.All my Best,Cris

592b57002427a6c4d41b2babed28fb33.png?s=48& Kellsie on Jan 06, 2016 at 7:36 PM

Real brain power on diyplas. Thanks for that answer!