Possibly getting better?

By rainkinz on Jun 18, 2012, comments 23

Ngaire seems to be having around 20-25 seizures in the morning which is still bad, but the past few days she's stopped having them from around 10:30am through the afternoon. She might have a few after her nap, but generally they seem to be coming on again in the evening (although usually she has less in the evening than the morning). The 10:30am timing really does imply that the Depakote is doing something or maybe it's her breakfast kicking in and we need to give her more calories? So hard to know. We're trying to only change one thing at a time right now though, so the only thing we've really changed is putting her Depakote back up to the previous level. A major bummer as I was so looking forward to not having to give it to her. If the Depakote does solve the problem, it might be of interest to other Keto parents as there is some belief that Depakote and the diet are 'incompatible'. Of course, it's different for every kid, so who knows. I think Dr Kossoff believes they can work together and she did go seizure free on it, so now I'm rethinking everything as previously I didn't think there was any evidence it helped her. Of course now we've changed the fuel source to her brain maybe it helps only on the Ketogenic Diet?

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