My new blog

Mar 22, 2021

Another new beginning

This is probably the 10th blogging 'platform' I've created from scratch. I have no good reason to do this other than a blog is a nice sized project to learn new things on. It has the side effect benefit of making me actually document how I did something. My memory has never been great...

Anyway the latest iteration is build with all the latest in buzz technology: Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and deployed to Cloudfront using AWS CDK.

Below is a list of a few of the TODO items to make this a bit more spiffy, and more importantly a few things I'd like to achieve aside from writing up a few posts to help my memory. I'll update it as I go.

Building this blog

  • [ ] Add about page!
  • [ ] Document how to actually build a static site builder using Next.js, etc. Despite the fact that there are lots of 'reference' implementations, youtube videos, etc, there turned out to be a few gotcha's.
    • [x] Setting Up: Next.js, Tailwind, using Typescript.
    • [ ] Basic Styling using tailwind - index page
    • [ ] Basic Styling using tailwind - article page
    • [ ] Loading articles from markdown - domonstrating getStaticProps and getStaticPaths
    • [ ] ? Maybe - adding analytics?


  • [ ] Add Comments - disqus?
  • [ ] Move old blog posts to this version


  • [x] Add Analytics
    • [ ] Look at:
  • [x] Move domain names over
  • [x] Deploy using CDK

Things to play with